A short walk through a long life.

07 October 2006

And now, the BOYS

 Here is Alex  and Jake..with more to follow. Jake is 15 Months and Alex is 22 months. The have lots of fun with their Dad...

10 February 2006

And now for something completly different...

17 January 2006

Zoe Age 4

This is "Z" taken at sunset. I love her energy and zest for Life.

14 January 2006

Koji on the Coast

Sportfishing off the coast of the Florida Keys.

Story concerned the Bluefin Tuna, but the Japanese film crew were more interested in eating the days catch then and there ( Barracuda and Albacore)

10 January 2006

In Blue

Nice to know the Photolab can save your underexposed film


This is 100 ISO film pushed three stops. I like the overall feel. Johanna Beck is the Model.


Jeanmarie and I met my Fantastic 2nd (or 3rd) cousin in Oaxaca.
Happy Birthday Marga!!!!

Tony Lapidula!!!

From the Isle of Long, NY
Actually a very talented Guitarist Photographed in my studio in NYC

08 January 2006

Good effect

Old time Black and White
Just a good old process
Tri-x ISO 200 developed in Rodinal
6 min @ 70 degrees

Cross Processed.

Cute kid

El Paso

Khoury Family portrait


Taken just after Sunset.


Rebecca, oh yeah, the story was about the Hat

Sarah , a good friend...of a good friend


I like Faces. This is a closeup of a Juarez,Mx girl...

07 January 2006


Julie Dreyfus, We made an acquaintance in China, on the Set of "Kill Bill"

After the Party

Carmella's Sister Jackie

05 January 2006

Some new Photos now that I have figured this out...

23 August 2005

Here are a few Photos today...